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Mini TMS

The Mini TMS has a minimum size of 306*300*145mm. It is compact, portable, and cost-effective. It can meet various application scenarios such as scientific research and bedside detection. It is a leading portable transcranial magnetic stimulator



Touch screen control, easy to operate

With a 12.5-inch touch screen control, the operator can view the stimulation protocol and equipment-related parameters.

TMS-MEP detection

The combination of TMS-MEP can be used to examine the transmission of motor nerves from cortex to muscle, the overall synchrony and integrity of the conduction pathway.


TMS-EEG study

TMS-EEG combined technology can explore the function of each brain region through the stimulation response characteristics of TMS-EEG, correlate the causal relationship between brain intervals, and diagnose and treat neurological and mental diseases based on abnormal response characteristics. YINGCHI Mini series TMS can set the charging delay time to ensure that the EEG signal is clean and analyzable within a certain period of time after stimulation.

TMS-fNIRS study

Combined application of TMS and fNIRS allows direct study of cortical activation and connectivity. The strong magnetic fields generated by TMS do not cause artifacts or interference in fNIRS data.

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