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Sham - TMS system


YINGCHI Sham TMS System reduces the interference caused by the traditional "placebo effect" on the accuracy of the results, and realizes a truly randomized, double-blind studies, which can meet the requirements for accuracy, reliability and consistency of results in clinical and scientific research. It can combine with a 3D navigation system to further improve the repeatability of research



IFM control host and IFM card reader: intelligent switching between active/sham stimulation

The IFM control host can intelligently switch the active and sham stimulation output according to the coded information in the IFM stimulation card recognized by the IFM reader-writer, and it is the stimulation output mode switching terminal.

Sham stimulation coil: one side to achieve active/sham stimulation

There is no need to adjust the position of the coil or replace the coil type, and the sound intensity, rhythm, and vibration sense of the sham stimulation are the same as those of the active stimulation, and the active and sham stimulation can be realized on one side, ensuring that neither the operator nor the subject is aware of the stimulation mode.


IFM stimulation cards: same look, different modes

The cards are divided into two types according to the built-in data information: active stimulation cards and sham stimulation cards. There is no difference in the appearance of the two cards. The experiment designer entrusts the operator to randomly distribute the stimulation cards. Neither the subjects nor the operators know the type of cards. In order to achieve the purpose of random allocation.


IFM data analysis software: intelligent data analysis

The IFM data analysis software is used with the IFM card reader, and the data can be sorted after reading the stimulation card information. It can be used in combination with the YINGCHI TMS stimulation recording system.

Advanced Sham coils:

Single blind coil: No IFM machine needed. One side is active stimulation, the other side is placebo stimulation. Only the patient is unaware of the stimulation form.

Double-blind coil: Active/placebo stimulation on the same side of the coil. There is no need to adjust the position of the coil or change the side of the coil. Sound, pulse rhythm and vibrations during the placebo stimulation are the same as the active stimulation. This ensures that neither the therapist nor the patient is aware of the stimulation form. sham coils are available both as a round coil and a Fig. 8 coil.

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