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Precision of Target Positioning


There are three commonly used methods for locating therapeutic target.


6cm rule: After finding the RMT hotspot, move forward 6cm to find the DLPFC treatment target

Positioning Cap: Using YINGCHI positioning cap which is designed based on the EEG 10-20 electrode placement system to select the closest electrode position. For example, the left DLPFC can choose F3 electrode position as the target.

Positioning caps are available in different sizes, suitable for patients of different ages

TMS 3D Navigation System: MRI based neuronavigator provides a professional solution for the precise positioning of MRI based neuronavigator realized rTMS target personalization (based on individual brain structure, function or functional connection between brain areas), reproducibility and visualization

YINGCHI TMS 3D Navigation System

YINGCHI TMS 30 navigation system adopts high-precision infrared optical capture

technology, which can track and locate the transcranial magnetic stimulation coil with

millimeter-level accuracy, and visualize the stimulation focus magnetic field on the anatomical image of the personalized brain. The positioning of the navigation system is intuitive and easy to use, which will help you quickly and successfully complete the key operations of TMS target positioning, thereby greatly improving the effect and efficiency of magnetic stimulation

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