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MEP-(Motor Evoked Potential Module)


What is MEP?

Motor Evoked Potential(MEP) is muscle motor compound potentials recorded on the contralateral target muscle by stimulating the motor cortex. MEP is a technique for examining the function of the motor system, especially the nerve fibers of the central motor conduction pathway (ie, evaluating the function of the pyramidal tract), which has been widely used in the diagnosis, intraoperative monitoring and prognostic evaluation of motor system diseases.


  • Wireless transmission, easy operation, high SNR (signal noise ratio)

  • Dual channel design, suit to most clinical determination

  • High sampling rate enables to capture the precise recording of the EMG wave changes.

  • Unique waveform processing algorithm ensures a precise diagnosis

  • The dedicated cone coil makes the MEP determination of lower limbs easier


MEP elicited in peripheral muscles by TMS over the human motor cortex is one of the hallmark measures for noninvasive quantification of cortical and spinal excitability in cognitive and clinical neuroscience. This test evaluates the functional state of motor pathway by determining the waveform, conduction velocity, latency, amplitude and central motor conduction time (CMCT) of the central and peripheral motor pathway as a diagnostic method.

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