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TMS Treatment

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a method for treating depression and anxiety conditions. The treatment is effective and without negative effects on memory or concentration. Call us for a consultation.

what is TMS

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a technique where repeated short magnetic pulses create a weak current in the brain that affects the activity of nerve cells. The pulses are created by an electromagnetic coil that is placed next to your scalp and creates an electrical field in the underlying brain tissue. You are awake during the treatment and sit comfortably in a chair while we direct the magnetic coil to the correct area of ​​your brain and lock the coil which is set on an arm mounted on a trolley. The effect of the treatment is described in several scientific studies and there is strong evidence for the treatment of depression.

This is how the treatment works


Before the treatment, you will be interviewed by the doctor who prescribes rTMS. The treatment itself is carried out by an experienced specialist in the field. Before starting the treatment, it is important to remove all magnet-sensitive objects (hairpins, earrings, etc.). You will receive your own cap to wear at each treatment so that the stimulation is given in the same place at each treatment. During the first rTMS session, several measurements are taken to determine the strength of what is called the motor threshold, which is the basis for the treatment intensity you should have. The measurement is done to adjust the treatment settings and determine the dosage required to stimulate the brain. The treatment can already be given at the first visit. During the treatment, you will hear a series of clicking sounds and feel a tapping sensation under the treatment coil.

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