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The S series TMS adopts the all-in-one design, with optional cooling system of liquid cooling and air cooling, intelligent integration of stimulation generator, liquid cooling system and MEP module, exquisite appearance and small size, which can meet the routine transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment and neurological function detection.

Air cooled
Liquid cooled

Functions CE certification: It has passed the international safety standard test and reached the medical product safety standard specified in the EU directive.

Optional cooling system

• Liquid cooling system: Copes with intensive TMS treatments non-stop during a working day without the coils getting hot. The system has constant temperature measurement and automatic alarm device and switches the system off if the temperature is too high.

• Air cooling system: No refrigerant, no consumables, no leakage, no maintenance, safe and easy to maintain.

Built-in MEP detection module: The built-in MEP detection module can quickly detect the intensity of the motor threshold, thereby  allowing the therapist to calculate the exact treatment intensity and treatment position.

YINGCHI paired-pulse TMS

S series integrated product integration advantages, a single device equipped with two sets of coils can be used separately, applied to double beat project related brain function exploration and peripheral nerve detection, and can meet the needs of double target stimulation, double treatment and other needs, accelerate clinical research, diagnosis and treatment efficiency.


Double beat detection

Two coils/two sets of high voltage systems can independently choose the output mode, can achieve a single target of paired-pulse stimulation (pTMS), can also achieve a two- target pTMS, conditional stimulation (CS) and test stimulation (TS) minimum interval time of 0.1ms.


Double stimulation

One control panel controls two stimulation systems, including sTMS, pTMS, rTMS and TBS, and one device can treat two patients simultaneously without interference.


Dual target stimulation

The stimulation type is the main and secondary mechanism, and the left and right double coil can independently adjust the stimulation intensity, stimulation frequency, stimulation time, interval time, total pulses and other parameters, so as to meet the dual target stimulation treatment to one person.


Control software

The control software can realize patient data management, treatment protocols management, stimulation recording, treatment statistics, and TMS output control and equipment status monitoring.

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