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M Series

The YINGCHI M Series TMS system is a user-friendly machine with various pre-programmed treatment protocols for different clinical treatments. Provides effective treatment and a good experience for the patient.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator M Series

M-100 Ultimate, M-50 Ultimate, M-30 Ultimate, M-10 Ultimate

What Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a focal, painless and non-invasive form of brain stimulation that can depolarize or hyperpolarize the cortical neurons in the human brain. It directs a magnetic field pulse through the intact skull and the magnetic energy is converted back into electrical energy in the underlying brain tissue. TMS may also modulate cortical and subcortical structures that are synaptically connected to the region being stimulated. These staccato magnetic fields have the capacity to induce neurophysiological changes that persist after the stimulation paradigm ends.


The M Series TMS provides easy-to-use experience to customers as well as effective treatment to various clinical demands.

M Ultimate TMS systems meet internationally recognized safety requirements, which have passed strict inspection standards and are certified, CE, TGA, CFDA registered.

Fit-your-best Configurations
YINGCHI is one of the few TMS manufacturer with both air cooling and liquid cooling technologies. From basic to advanced configurations, the customers will find the fit setup.

Advanced Cooling Technology

  • Air cooled system: supports at least 10 sessions continuously

  • Liquid cooled system: supports whole-day stimulation. *Standard 37min depression protocol.


Make Data Management Simple
The advanced Quickstim software minimized workload and optimized workflow.

Quick Data Management

  • Patient's file creation and save function

  • New protocol creation and accessing saved protocols

  • Built-in protocols based on relevant global authoritative guidelines and evidence-based medical literature

  • Records: patients' TMS treatment history

  • Generate, print or export reports at a click

Ergonomic Appearance & Simple Layout

  • All-in-one software, easy to operate parameters without external PC

  • 5 hot keys for common-used protocols

  • High frequency stimulation: up to 100Hz

  • Available with theta-burst stimulation (TBS) without intensity decay

All-round Safety

  • Over-heating protection: auto-stop at 41℃

  • Real-time monitoring of liquid level, temperature, work status

  • Patient data security: dongle authorizes to operate

Quick Positioning

  • Positioning cap with pre-defined brain regions based on EEG 10-20 system

  • Flexible coil arm

  • Single pulse button and intensity adjusting buttons on the coil make the motor threshold measured easily and quickly

New Generation Coil
Double cone coil has been shown to induce higher and wider spread electrical fields that has better ability to stimulate deep brain subregions. It achieves the best balance of stimulation depth and focus.

  • Benefits earlier

  • Hurts less

  • Deeper stimulation

  • Light weight, easy to use

  • Ergonomical shape, better contact

Scientific Researches
In recent years, it has been confirmed that TMS can regulate learning and memory, attention, executive function, etc. TMS is mainly used in cognitive neuroscience research, sports rehabilitation research, brain function research and psychiatry research.

In disease diagnosis, TMS is used as a clinical research tool to assess cortical processing time, cortical connectivity, cortical inhibition and excitability, and cortical interactions. 

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