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The TMS E series is developed to better meet the needs of treatment and scientific research. In addition to all the functions of the M series, the product performance has been further upgraded with more functions. With the TMS E series, doctors and researchers will have a more professional and comfortable user experience. ​

ATTENTION!! The model is ready for the European market in the first quarter of 2024.

Allround upgraded stimulator 

  • High stimulation frequency: The E series stimulator allows performing stimulation at up to 100 Hz frequency and 35Hz at 100% output without extra power supply. In addition to satisfying the central nervous system modulation, it can also meet the high-frequency and high-intensity continuous peripheral stimulation.

  • Intuitive interface: with touch screen, it is easy to adjust the stimulation parameters and select protocols.

Innovative liquid cooling system

  • The IV generation cooling technology: allows continuous pulses during high frequency and intensity rTMS session.

  • Multiple modes of cooling: there are energy-saving mode, standard mode and efficient mode which can auto-set according to different scenes.

New possibilities of stimulation

  • Individual TBS mode: currently the standard TBS is with 50Hz burst frequency. E series makes customized TBS possible which will be a helpful tool for professionals to tap new possibilities in research.

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